How You Can Help

Your Commitment and Support

Just your commitment and support is enough to help our cause and the easiest way to do this is to join us as a member, if however you would also like to offer further financial support there are a number of ways you could do this. Your support will really make a difference to the level of service we can provide and the number of members we are able to support.


Anyone can organise a fund raiser and funds can be raised by any number of events. General ideas are to arrange a jumble sale or car boot sale, a coffee morning, craft fair, bake sale or quiz night. The possibilities are endless. Please contact MESiG to advertise your event or if you require any assistance.

Sponsored events

Simple sponsored events such as sponsored walks or sports events are a great way to raise funds. Use your skills to devise the perfect event for you where you can truly make a difference as well as enjoy yourself. Sponsored events can be individual tasks or group efforts, the choice is yours.

Direct donation

The simplest way to help is to donate directly to our organisation. Donations can be made either online using Paypal or cheques / postal orders can be made out to ‘ME Support in Glamorgan’ and posted to 75 Llanon Rd, Llanishen, Cardiff, CF145AH. Any donations will be greatly appreciated.


Perhaps you have something to offer for raffle and could sell tickets to raise funds for us. Sell your unwanted items and donate the proceeds to MESiG

We all have unwanted items that are simply gathering dust in our cupboards so why not turn it into something useful. You can sell your old items online via websites such as

Share Your Stories

We need your stories for the Community Health Council, in order to push forward for services for ME. Stephen Allen is willing to visit you and record your story, if you are unable to put it in writing yourself. Stories can be sent to