Meet the Committee

Deirdre Penny | Team Member

Deirdre Penny | Treasurer

My lovely daughter has had M.E since she was 11 (24 years of suffering to date), spent mainly bedbound in a darkened room. As a mother, It has been dreadful to watch helplessly. My desire is to see the appropriate research and medical treatment she, and our members deserve. There is worthwhile research and successful treatment going on around the world, but privately funded. We want to banish the ignorance of governments and the medical profession once and for all. We campaign for M.E to be recognised as the physical condition that it is.

Miriam Wood | Team Member

Miriam Wood | Political Liaison Officer

My former career in the NHS and Social Services has been useful and experience regarding benefit applications has helped some members. I am appalled by the way people with M.E are ignored, neglected, mistreated or simply expected to give up the idea that they are ill and go back to work. I look forward to tomorrow when M.E will be fully recognised world-wide as the serious illness it really is, its causes will be found and medical treatments will enable recovery and provide restoration to the lives of the affected.

Linda Tatham | Website Facilitator

Linda Tatham | Website Facilitator

I was diagnosed with M.E / C.F.S in my mid 30’s after having suffered glandular fever the previous year. At that time in 1995 there was a clinic at UHW & I was classed as a ‘classic case’. There were no particular guidelines for treatment except to manage it myself. I was very much in the category of ‘boom & bust’ and this carried on for 14 years. However, I have since recovered and enjoy living a normal active life, but I would like to see an NHS facility in Wales for those who have not been so fortunate so they can access the help they need.

Mary Jones | Team Member

Mary Jones | Team Member

My son has suffered from M.E / C.F.S for the last five or so years, for most of that time the medical profession did not recognize that his condition exists. To add to the pain and the loss of paid work, he, with his family’s support have to fight for financial assistance. Adding to these problems, no professionally led clinic is available in this part of Wales to investigate and treat patients with these ailments. So I joined MESiG, who were fighting for the same cause. By joining like-minded people it may be possible to persuade the powers that be to actually make a change.

Mark Morgan | Team Member

Mark Morgan | Team Member

Having had symptoms of fatigue for many years, I first contacted MESiG in 2013 to learn more about C.F.S / M.E. My symptoms have become worse due to insomnia. I have recently received a diagnosis of Lyme disease. I have joined MESiG in order to try to help raise awareness of chronic illness, including C.F.S / M.E. More research is needed into causes of these illnesses. More recognition and support is needed. Joining MESiG we can find help for you too.