Become a Member of MESiG

Subscribing to MESiG enables the organisation to keep active on behalf of those battling M.E / C.F.S and Fibromyalgia.

The subscription fee really does help to make a difference!

Although we do not enforce the fee, we appreciate your generosity and understanding that by renewing annually it will help us to stay active. The membership cycle runs from May 1st to April 30th, we administer a subscription fee of £12.00 per year, albeit small – the fee grants you access to the outstanding member privileges we are able to offer!

Member privileges include:-

  • Bi-annual newsletter – includes the latest info and forthcoming events.
  • Home visits by arrangement for members who are unable to get out.
  • News updates of our “raise awareness” campaigns and fundraisers.
  • Event meet ups with guest speakers talking about relevant topics.
  • We can help you with form filling and can arrange lifts to appointments.
  • We send group emails with the latest information and reminders.

Subscription is a simple two step process, once you have completed the sign up form below it will automatically redirect you to the payment form. Please remember to complete the payment form, memberships only commence once both forms has been confirmed.

Please complete the subscription form

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NOTE: If you are unable to afford the subscription, please do let us know in the additional notes section above. Although we rely on our donations, we are able to waiver the fee in exceptional circumstances as we do not want to exclude anyone on the basis of financial hardship.