Today officially marks the end of our #SpeakforME campaign.

Over the past four weeks we’ve discussed ME and how it turns lives upside down, the support and advocacy work of MESiG, gained the support of local Assembly Member Julie Morgan, discovered what it is like living with ME everyday from Mary and Emelyne, and just this week we heard from Dee about caring for a loved one with ME.

At the beginning of the campaign Christalla told us that, “by far the most challenging obstacle is the ignorance around the condition”. We are heartened that you engaged with us, read our stories and watched our videos. With your help we have taken another step in tackling the ignorance that surrounds ME.

The road to getting the support ME sufferers need continues to be long and winding. But we take heart in the support of influencers such as Assembly Member Julie Morgan, who emphatically said: “ME must be recognised. It must be recognised. It’s real, a serious illness that many people here in Cardiff and in Wales are suffering from”.

Most importantly we want to say thank you to Christalla, Julie, Mary, Emelyne and Dee who shared their stories with us. This campaign wouldn’t have been possible without them coming forward and speaking out.

While the #SpeakforME campaign ends today, the fight to raise awareness and for a clinic here in Wales continues. We hope you can join us as our support and advocacy work continues, keep a lookout on our Facebook page for the latest information.