ME dramatically changed Mary’s life.

Her story starts following the joy of becoming a mother for the first time. After the birth she started developing, what she now realises, were the first symptoms of ME. But, at the time these symptoms were mistaken as part of her recovery from pregnancy. As we now know ME was slowly beginning to change her life.

Today, going out requires days of preparation in advance and days of resting afterwards. She requires help with daily meals, and even showering and brushing her teeth are intimate moments that she cannot handle by herself. Despite this daily struggle she tries to remain positive for her children.

After a life of seeing his mother ill, her younger son has decided to pursue a career in medicine. No doubt inspired by his mother’s words of hope and never giving up, such as her decision to keep her books in the hope one day she might be strong enough to read them again.

With the severity of her condition we are profoundly grateful to Mary for telling us her story, all that we ask in return is that you help us and her by raising awareness of ME/CFS. If you’d like to read the transcript of the interview or discover more about the campaign visit the #SpeakforME blog.

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