In today’s Living with ME story we are joined by Emelyne, a sufferer of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis for the last five years.

Emelyne’s story began in her final year of university with what appeared at the time to be a strong flu. After being passed from GP to GP, and department to department, it was only a visit to a private clinic in London that finally provided answers. For the period in between, migraines, nausea, bursting legs, and a heavy chest were just a few of the daily challenges she had to face.

Emelyne’s account of what it’s like to live with ME as a young person is striking, particularly the need to micromanage every small detail of every day. This means she has to carefully place events in her diary and make decisions on social plans with friends at the very last minute. For Emelyne, “every day going out my front door is like a leap of faith”.

This week’s Living with ME stories are a reminder to us all that ME can strike at any age, and the importance of the support of family and friends. They are a reminder of how individual the illness can be, and in turn the need for a specialist clinic here in Wales.

If you’d like to read the transcript of the interview or discover more about the campaign visit the #SpeakforME blog.