For the first of our five #SpeakforME interviews we are joined by Christalla Bailey, who charts her journey from sufferer to Chair of ME Support in Glamorgan. Her story is a testimony to the numerous challenges facing those who advocate for ME, and the even greater obstacles for sufferers.

Christalla talks about the the physical pain sufferers have to manage daily, the struggle to make mind and body co-operate; the loneliness of feeling not heard and worse, ignored; the frustration in seeing other illnesses receive greater understanding, support and help, while ME sufferers are left alone in a storm.

MESiG continues to fight for and support those suffering with ME and their carers. We have no intention of giving in. The lack of action on ME worldwide continues to worry us, and we are still far away from the support we need from GPs and social services.

Christalla’s interview reminds us that no one with ME has to go it alone. You can read the transcript of the interview on the #SpeakforME blog.